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  • CKAS V4 6DOF Motion System

  • Specifically directed at light weight professional motion simulator applications, such as commercial and industrial simulators, or custom built flight or racing simulators which require the highest level of fidelity available

  • Fully Electric Actuation  

  • Very high speed update 100Hz motion controller for extremely smooth high fidelity response

  • Full specs can be found here

Dream F1 Sim
Seat Belts
  • Triple projector system, running 3x full HD short throw gaming projectors

  • Dallara Formula 3 Carbon Fibre Monocoque

  • Sabelt Six Point FIA Approved Racing Harness

  • FIA Halo Safety Device

  • Simucube 2 Direct Drive System 

  • 25 Nm of max torque, 22bit angle sensor – 4.2 mil cpr resolution

  • Equipped with a safety E-Stop button

  • Cube Controls Formula CSX2 Steering Wheel

  • Dual Paddle Shift and Dual Clutch Paddle

  • 4.3-inch dash board with LED shift and warning lights

F1 Pedals
  • Equipped with Bose A20 noise cancelling aviation headset as used by Mercedes AMG Formula One Team

  • Fan directed at driver with onboard speed adjuster

  • Option to utilise drivers racing helmet for intercom system

  • Ability to link both simulators so you can race a mate or get real time race craft training from one of our pro drivers

Supported Titles:

  • rFactor

  • rFactor 2

  • iRacing

  • Automobilista

  • Assetto Corsa

Steering Wheel
  • Heusinkveld Sim Pedals 

  • Completely adjustable Accelerator & Brake

  • Pedals on electronic actuator for adjustment on the fly

  • Maximum braking force of 140kg


Telemetry Software


Motec i2


Motec i2


Z1 Commercial

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