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Dream Simulation's Open Wheeler simulator is one of the only 6DOF motion open wheeler cockpit simulators in the southern hemisphere.

Dream F1 Sim
Dream F1 Sim

Our open wheel simulator also offers a complete six degrees of freedom (6DOF) experience with the entire simulator rig moving in unison, generating over 0.5g. All thanks to the CKAS Mechatronics 6DOF motion platform, every brake, steering and throttle application will be felt.

This exciting simulator is also contained within a near anechoic climate controlled chamber. It utilises a Dallara Formula 3 carbon fiber monocoque and the latest in racing simulation hardware. You will feel completely immersed in the race car, because you are actually in one!

Dream F1 Sim

This simulator operates on a triple projector system with warping around a full 180 degree wrap around screen. There is a FIA halo safety device integrated into the cockpit to suit the needs of current open wheeler cockpits. This can also be removed for older generation open wheeler cars. While wearing a Bose A20 Aviation headset, drivers will feel completely immersed in the environment. Drivers are also able to bring in their race helmet to utilise their radio kit for a full racing experience. 

Drive any open wheel car on any race track. The possibilities are endless!

Click the link below to book a session on this simulator.

Note: This simulator is only for hire on premises. It is not for hire off site.

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